Trouble Opening up File Explorer [Closed]

 PandaManCan2 -
Hello, so I just got a Toshiba Satellite.

I haven't had any trouble with it till now. I can't seem to open up my File Expoler page.

Every time i open it my screen flashes green and then it closes the program with out actually opening up the window.

I right clicked the file explorer icon and was able to open up my Documents. As it opened the window i was able to navigate for about 2 seconds then it came back with PC not Responding shot a green screen and closed the window again. I've having Microsoft Defender look to see if some how i picked up a virus, but any simple tips that i may have over looked would be cool beans, i've turned it off and on btw please don't suggest that.

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PS had it about 1 week, black Friday purchase from my parents

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