What is a CRDOWNLOAD file: meaning, virus, how to convert

What is a CRDOWNLOAD file: meaning, virus, how to convert

Have you ever noticed a bizarre file extension of the files you download from Google Chrome – CRDOWNLOAD? Well, don't worry, it's not a virus, it's simply is a Chrome extension for the files that haven't been completely downloaded from the web. In this article, we'll explain how to use these files and how to convert them. Read on!

What is a CRDOWNLOAD file?

CRDOWNLOAD is a temporary file extension that Chrome uses to show users that the file they were trying to download, is not yet completely downloaded and that it is either still downloading or it was interrupted. When the download of the file will be completed, the file will automatically change its name to its real extension. If all the files you download from Chrome show the same CRDOWNLOAD extension, check your browser and update it, because it can mean that there is a bug with Chrome.

What are CRDOWNLOAD files for?

The CRDOWNLOAD file type shows that the file is still being downloaded from Chrome or the download was interrupted, so it is only a part of the initial file. 

How to open a CRDOWNLOAD file

CRDOWNLOAD are the 'byproducts' of Google's Chrome unsuccessful download, so they can't really be opened by a specific program. However, if the download was interrupted after the biggest part of the file was already downloaded, it could still be possible to open that part of the file. To do so, you'll need to rename the download, remove the CRDOWNLOAD part from the file name, and add the supposed extension of the file instead. This way you can try and open the file in the program you were planning to use for the whole file. 

This method will only work with 'start-to-end' files: the ones that have a beginning, midpoint, and end, such as an audio track or a video, for example.

How to convert a CRDOWNLOAD file

CRDOWNLOAD file is not an incomplete file form so it can not be converted to other formats, such as MP3, AVI, MP4, PDF, and others. However, if you change the file extension as we described above, you can convert it to a different format. To do so, check our article about the top free online audio and video converters.

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