Dell inspiron N5010 laptop 8 beep problem

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I am facing a 8 beep problem on my laptop with a black screen which goes on repeatedly. I have tried to power on pressing d button together but that did not turn or the screen and I was not able to see any solid color. When I connected it to an external monitor of a PC I saw dell inspiron logo and after that starting windows. Then there was a file checking thing came up which was cancelled. Then instead of showing me " Please wait" it showed a blue screen and the firsly line I remember was something error about display driver. I called a dell technician but he couldn't isolate the problem and couldn't tell me whether motherboard has gone or LCD or there is just a software issue. When the technician came he did something and for some time we were able to see the dell logo and starting windows on my laptop screen itself but then also the file checking and something written on blue screen happened and again it restarted. The same thing which was going on in external monitor. But then when I manually shutted down and restarted then again 8 beep.
I am not able to isolate where exactly the problem lies.

Its been 4 yrs and my laptop Has got problem for the first time. I need service for the first time and I want to Know what is the specific part that need to be replaced. Please help me how to be sure if LCD is OK or motherboard.

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Jan 14, 2015 at 09:57 AM
Hi there,

You got it right that this could be LCD related. There may be a problem with the graphic card or the cabling. Do you have an idea what did the technician do? It could be helpful to know something about his troubleshooting. I would remove battery and hold down the power button for a few seconds. Try removing the CMOS battery and reinstall it again. If you can, remove the GPU and reinstall it again.
You may check the manual to get some instructions, but if you do not feel comfortable opening the laptop, I suggest you to contact a technician.

Hope this helps