No video input.

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Hello ppl!

Let's get back in time for a bit. I started building a new system form some old parts bit time ago. Did all the assemble, put everything in the chase, wire it up and hit ON button. Coolers started but no video imput.
Started checking my hardware:
-display working checked it on my laptop
-cable the same
-graphic card tested on other pc
-RAM same working
-Hdd same

So it is down to CPU and Motherboard. How can i find which one causes the problem?
and i don't bilieve it passes even the system check to start booting

Any help is highly appreciated. THx!

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Jan 22, 2015 at 10:54 AM
OK, does the Motherboard have an ONBOARD video output? If yes, try to get it to boot without the external video card.

Depending on your motherboard age and model, you may have to move a jumper, or tell windows to use the second video card. If you can get it to boot on the onboard video card, then shut down, and place in the external video, but keep the monitor cable in the ONBOARD video until it boots with the external one. Then in window, see if your hardware sees the other video card. If it does, then change the video output to the second, and move the cable. Do not forget to hit apply and save.

Let us know how it goes!

Have FUN!