Gateway Laptop LED turns on but doesn't boot

 Sam -

I have a relatively new Gateway laptop MT3422, purchased 1.5 years ago. When I try to turn the computer on the LED lights work and the fan makes noise, but the screen will not boot. I took out the battery and plugged in my computer to the power supply, and the computer worked just fine.

I do not know anything about computers, but I am assuming that this is a problem with the battery. Can this battery be fixed, would purchasing a new battery fix this problem, or should I seek a computer repair shop?

Thank you!

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The exact same thing happened to my computer. I read on another site that you should turn off your computer and unplug it. Then turn it back on and make sure you press Fn and F6 at the same time as your computer is starting up. It worked for me!
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What is the ram?
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i tried the same instructions but nothing happened. I use a mecer laptop...any other suggestions?
Max's reset procedures saved my Gateway NV52 laptop! Before that, I have tried almost every tip I could find on the Internet, including shorting the two sods on the power connector behind the keypad. Nothing worked until the laptop was reset.

It worked for me as well. It was my daughters laptop and she was working on a big project for school. Dad saved the day, thanks to you.
Thanks soooooooo
I have found that this happens when the memory chips come loose in their sockets. Try removing them completely and then placing them back in.
This is so crazy that all of us are experiencing the same problems... Mine is a little more complex tho.... I broke the screen to my Gateway so I gave it to a friend to replace. He is actually licenced through them to fix there computers or something like that. I got it back only to find out that after turning it on nothing happens... The LED light comes on and I can hear the fan going but nothing happens.
I had the same issue on my gate way computer for a while I didn't do anything for a while then one day I took it to a local computer store and when I showed them it, it just started working all right. So I lucked out there but couple months down the road it did the same thing and I am stuck with the same problem again. It looks like the computer works after a long time but then does the same thing again. I am running out of options as to what I want to do either get a new motherboard or just get a new laptop.
Didi you try to restarted with the boot disk and choose the format option? (you need to make a back up first or you will loose all your data. I have fxed my ma3 doing that.