Gateway notebook will not turn on

K.Roy - Jan 30, 2010 at 11:00 AM
 Esie - Jul 7, 2017 at 02:57 PM
I got my gateway notebook nv52 a couple months ago. I was in class when it jus died. I closed it thinking the battery just died. I plugged it into the wall and opened it in my next class 10 minutes later and it will not turn back on. I tried the upside down trick. but idk if I did it right. when my notebook is plugged in with the battery in it. the charge light comes on and says its fully charged but wont turn on. no noise. nothin.If I take out the battery and try to use the cord it shows no lights or life. same thing besides the charge light is not on. PLease Help Me! It Cost $299 to ship it to get it fixed and I dont have that type of money. PLease Help!!!!!


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I also had this problem. I turned it off and it would not turn on. I found the solution. First, extend the laptop screen as far back as it will go. Don't just stop the screen at a ninety degree angle. My laptop screen pulls back to about 135 degrees. Now press the power button. It should start up.

Why do I think this works? Well...I used to own an older model thinkpad that had a short "male" connector on the screen, that when the screen was folded down would enter into a "female" connector on the base of the unit and trigger sleep mode on the unit. This is how the system could automatically hibernate when the screen was closed. The little male connector broke off, and I couldn't get the system to wake up, because the connection to tell the laptop that I had the screen up or down no longer worked. I couldn't even power it up. I had to take an ink pen and push the connector through the female end to indicate to the motherboard that I'd opened the screen before it would even turn on.

It appears that the same type of mechanism is built into the long BAR under the screen of the NV52 and somehow it can't determine when the screen is open or closed. If it detects that the screen has not been opened, it won't power up. This safeguard prevents the laptop from being turned on mistakenly while closed up in your laptop bag. Extending the screen back resets the mechanism and it should turn on. Sorry for the long explanation...I hope this helps.
8-22-10 - The technique worked for us, the key for us, was to continually push/test the power button as we brought the screen towards the 90 degree mark, found the sweet spot - and it worked!.... Thanks! much appreciated!
This worked! Thank you!
Thank you so much it was like magic I was so afraid it was broken great simple answer don't mind the wordiness
Thank you!