How do I fix a corrupted MS Access database? [Solved/Closed]

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MS Access .mdb & .ldb database corrupted
I am using a A.mdb database. You know when connecting the database Microsoft automatically create a .ldb file. Unfortunately my PC shutdown when connecting the database. As a result after restart the PC I couldn't open the A.mdb file. The message shown A.mdb database is corrupted. A.mdb database was password lock but after corrupted if I give the valid password the database not open and showing the password not valid. Now I couldn't open the database. Now it shown A.mdb file with A.ldb file. Please advise me if PC shutdown with the connected .mdb database then why the database not recover after restart? Also I tried with the option Database Repair and Recovery.
Please advise me and thanks again for your kind co-operation.
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If you are absolutely sure you were the only one in the database at the time, you can make a copy of the .mdb file (and not the .ldb) and try to open that file instead, possibly with the Repair option. It sometimes works.

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You can try Access recovery tool to repair corrupted database. If database cannot be opened at all, even with pressed Shift, try to import database objects to new database.
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The .mdb file of MS Access Database is sometime damage of corrupted due to various reasons like improper shutdown, virus attack, running multiple application etc. Corruption in MDB file sometime creates problems for its user at the time of accessing and show the error of password. Below I mentioned a blog post link which helps you to work with corrupted MS Access Database files.