Transferring numbers to new worksheet automatically

 tresi -
Hello, I'm making a spreadsheet showing weekly costs. I've set it up so that each worksheet is a week, with totals using =SUM. I want to transfer the weekly total (as a number, not a formula) to the next week as carried forward but when I copy and paste, the numbers don't appear, just #REF. I used to study A level ICT and I'm sure I vaguely remember a simple way to do this, but can't figure it out. Help!

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Hello Tresi,

Could you up load a sample of your work book (be careful with any sensitive data) so that we can have a look at what you are wanting to do.

You can use a file sharing site such as DropBox or GE.TT.

thanks for the offer - I've managed to resolve this with the help of a friend.