Acer Laptop Won't Start after Windows Update! [Closed]

 Christopher -

I recently did a Windows update on my Acer laptop (which has Windows Vista).

What happens is that the computer needs to restart after installing the updates for it to work. However when my computer restarted to install the updates, I received the message (before I get into the log in screen) that the updates are not compatible (or something like that) and it has to uninstall the updates. When it tries to uninstall the updates (i'm not sure if the laptop even does this completely) it automatically restarts afterwards and then tries to install the new updates again!

This ongoing process never stops and I have tried everything to access my computer to somehow uninstall the updates or do something else but whatever I try I cannot even get into the log in screen!


I am extremely grateful for anyone who has any idea what the problem is and what I can do to fix this.

If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me !!

Thank you so much for all of your help!!!


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Thank you for your post and your quick reply.

My problem is that I don't have a recovery point to go back from.

Otherwise I would have done it.

Do you have any other idea what I could do?

Thanks again.

Best regards