How can data automatically go into a calendar created on excel?

 RayH -

I created a calendar on excel to collect past, present and future data but I wish to run it automatically. I know how to link data from one worksheet to another but as I want to create a calendar which automatically shifts day by day. I collect data every day except Saturday and Sunday on different excel sheets and i want all that information to move to the calendar so I have a clear image. collected on another. For example; if i had data collected on 2nd April 2015, then I want that data collected to move to the calendar under the date 2nd April 2015.

I really need to sort out this problem as I just need clear information instead of searching through all my files.

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What I think you need to use for this (don't have much to go on regarding the data structure) is a PIVOT table.

Look at this link to help you set it up:

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