It automatically shutting down

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I'm Precious.
How could I fix this if my computer is automatically shutting down when i open it. Then they will say cable's not connected. I can't open my comp and i cant even use your tip. Can you help me?
Asap please. I cant do my homework :'( and i need to submit it tomorrow ??

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Please list down what you tip your doing in your computer? do you hear any beeps?
Amm. Yeah, i have checked my computer's cpu. The cables and all are connected. Am, I opened my computer and still it shutted down after it says windows and no signal. I dont know what's with that. It's not even hot or anything. I dont even know if the prob is dust but i know it's not. I cant use that clean something because i cant open my computer. What should i do? :( by the way sorry for the late reply. :(