BenQ T91W and Philips HMDI no signal input

 JelleVos -
Hello guys
I was looking for a addon for blackland and i found something.
it was a .EXE, i know i cant trust that but i downloaded it
after that i had a virus called Wooden Sail and i could remove it
the deinstallation said that i had to reboot my pc
i was dumb enough to do that!

I rebooted my pc and my second monitor (BenQ T91W) woulnd't turn on.
i looked it up in my pc settings and it woulnd't find it
after that i tried my HDMI cable and it was the same!

Please guys help me solve this problem


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I did do a restore, and it didn't work, i updated my graphics and it works again!
Thank you

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Do you have a restore point before the download that you can restore to?