LG monitor it keeps saying D- Sub, power saving mode

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Hello, I'm in need of help of my LG monitor it keeps saying D- Sub, power saving mode? how do I get out of power saving mode?

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This message indicates the monitor is not receiving a signal from the computer. You can try a different VGA cable or check the video card on your computer. The problem can be with the motherboard also.

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I have the same issue with mine. What you have to do is press the first button starting from the left, wait about 2 seconds and press again. If the display mode changes and till no output, it will be best to repeat it again till the right display mode has been set. I don't know why LG decided to go for this crappy hardware design all in the name of energy saving with little to no user friendliness.
This is so frustrating. How long do you hold the button in for and how many times should you do this.
No if the monitor wasnt receiving a signal from the computer it would say "No Signal".