Corrupt PowerPoint File Recovery

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Are there any tools available to recover a corrupted PowerPoint file? My wife had spent about a week putting one together and (luckily) when done presenting she wanted to save it and MOVED (not copied) it to a key drive (big mistake to trust the move). When she got home the file was corrupted and she cannot open it.
Anyone know any possibilities to recover this?

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May 28, 2015 at 04:27 PM
hi Jeffry,

You could try system restore to restore your PC to a point in time just before the move. The trouble is you may need to do the last bit of work again. Also there are recovery programs (my favorite free one is Recova) that will allow you to recover deleted content, but the main issue when trying to recover data - try not to use the affected drive - if the space that the file occupied is overwritten with new stuff then the data will be lost forever. With this in mind it is best to install the software on a different machine and temporarily install the one with lost data onto this machine.

I really appreciate thank you messages as a payment for solving issues :o)