Sd card not detected by phone and pc

 aqsa -
So I download an app from play store and when I tried to log in the phone switched off automatically! when I turned it on! all the app/pics/videos where gone! Like this!

I have already uninstalled the app!

I turned off the phone again, took out battery and sd card (cleared the pins) and inserted it back, it didn't work :( so I tried putting another sd card in my phone and it worked, so the problem is with my sd card not the sd card slot. It's 2 years old and I'm using Sony Ericsson (ginger bread) I want to recover my photos and songs :( I tried recovery soft wares like ZARX and cardrecovery but my pc is not reading sd card! nothing appears when I connect my phone with pc using data cable. Pleaseee help me out!

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Some people have reported success when using a Linux computer to open a SD card that was unreadable in Windows.
really??? I will give it a try then. thanks