My dell inspiron 3542 doesnt turn on or charge

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 abhi - Oct 18, 2015 at 02:45 PM
yesterday I shutdown my laptop and it worked perffectly till then. Today when I tried to turn it on it wont budge like a dead rat! I tried to charge it but it wont charge although ac adapter worked well! Also I tried the method of removing adapter removing the battery pressing power button for 30 sec and then putting it back but it didnt work plzzzzz help!!

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Jul 28, 2015 at 09:23 AM
Hello rajasohaib,

When you plug the charger into the jack, can you see the light blinking or just everything remains calm and nothing can be heard from the fan or the hard drive?
If you can't and the warranty of your laptop has expired I suggest you to take out the hard drive and try to connect it to another computer through SATA-USB cable. If your hard drive spins up on a different computer and it is recognized there, but cannot power up on your laptop, then the problem is hiding probably in the power supply unit on your motherboard. You could bring your laptop to a technician to make a test of the power connector and/or the power jack center because they might get damaged.
If the HDD doesn't spin at all, anywhere, then it has failed mechanically and needs replacement.

Hope that I helped.

this is due to bad driver of intel management engine after upgrading to
go to device manager-system devices-intel management engine-power- uncheck the allow this computer to turn off-ok.
if this doesnt work roll back the upgrade of this driver and go to v10 or v9