8 GB micro sd HC problem

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I got and 8 gb micro sd HC card and my windows xp wont read it, I am able to use it on my phone and save stuff on it but when I put it on my computer it just don't read it at all. When I put the sd card I got with the phone the computer reads it right away and the green light on the computer turns on right away but when I put the new 8 gb one I have to be pressing it in for the light to stay on and I click on folders to open and it the computer gets stuck until I take off the sd card...............What should I do

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Hi everyone,
I did not mean to put myself up as an authority on SD memory cards but, through a number of forum sites I am receiving a lot of email regarding problems with these cards. I hope this will make things a little clearer.
Firstly one must understand exactly how a memory card works. It stores blocks of binary information in 'clusters'.
In the original SD format it stores 4096 clusters with up to 512 blocks, each block containing 512 bytes of information. This gave a card capacity of 4096 x 512 x 512 = 1 Gigabyte. These cards typically came pre-formatted to the FAT-16 file system with the MBR partition scheme. This meant that any computer or host type device would recognise them through a card reader
With the advent of high capacity cards the block capacity was increased from 512 bytes to 1024 and 2048 giving a capacity of 4096 x 2048 x 2048 = 32 Gigabytes, and these cards can only be formatted to the FAT-32 file system.
For this reason an SD card reader will not recognise the data stream from a SDHC card. The situation is being further complicated because there is now an XC (extended capacity) card on the market which has a capacity of 2 terabytes 2048 Gigabytes but this is at present being limited to 64 gigabytes by the SD 2.0 documentation.

What all this means is.....you don't use a 5 ton crane to move a 10 ton rock.....doesn't happen. If you wish to use an SDHC card you must have an SDHC card reader. The reader will access the information so the computer can handle it.
The first thing you must do when you purchase your SDHC card and SDHC card reader is to format the card to the FAT32 file system otherwise you will not get the rated capacity out of the card. Also, under no circumstance do a defragmentation on the card. All the clusters are equally accessable so there is no need and you will only wear the card out quicker.....remember these cards have a finite life and the more you re-write them the sooner they will wear out.

Sorry....I don't want to sound like a 'know-all' but I have been using these cards since they were released onto the market and, like you, I have had to learn through trial and error.

Hope this is of use.....and potentially cuts back on my email traffic.......Rob... and greetings from Aussie land.
I had the same problem as well, I can't use the 8GB card with card reader in my computer. But I can used it with a usb reader.
There have been a few queries as to why certain SD cards are not recognised by windows operating systems.
The reason is that cards above a 2 gagabyte capacity control data in a different way. The new generation of computers are compatible with these new high capacity cards but any computer more than 18 months old will not without software modification. As a rule of thumb, look at the printed matter on the card....if it says Secure Digital your computer, no matter how old, will recognise it. If the card says SDHC....the HC being high capacity your older computer will not recognise it. Do not, as has been suggested by some people, treat the card as damaged, there is nothing wrong with it. You can download software upgrades from the internet to make your computer recognise these SHHC cards.
I hope this help these people.
I am new at this and I can't work out how to edit my previous reply.
My response regarding the SD card recognition problems also applies to Micro SD cards. In short any card over 2 gigabytes will be a HC (high capacity) card and you will need a software upgrade to handle these cards. Computers running Vista already incorporate the required software and will handle any card SD or SDHC.

I hope this helps
No the problem is your sd adapter isn't good to read the 8gb micro sd card. I had the same problem had to get a new adapter works great
Hi again Dave,
The reader I described to you is not the normal sd card reader and the link you included does not show the device.
Go to www.sandisk.com and when to home page comes up click on the mobile symbol. You will see the third device is called a 'mobile mate'
That Dave, is what you are looking for.

Good luck pal and wish her a happy birthday.....Rob

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Hi again Dave,
That looks like the one but on the back of its case it should say micro SD HC. It only says from the information on that link that it supports SD. Just check before you pursue it further that it is the HC version.
As far as capacity is concerned my mobile mate is supporting a 32gig micro card as well as the 16s that I have.

Just make sure its the HC jobbie. I am in Australia so I am sure the technology there is similar to what we are using.

Cheers yet again........Rob
Thanks - you guys rock.

I got a new internal reader and it indeed works. THANKS!

I also figured out that you can put the HTC Touch Pro 2 into hard drive mode so I can copy between SD cards relatively easy.

Thanks again-
I am having major problems with a SDHC 4GB memory card.
I have a Panasonic FS4. I am away on holiday and wanted to upload my photos for safekeeping. I uploaded some to Facebook Ok to begin with. However, all of a sudden when plugging in my camera to the computer no photos are showing up even though there is over 500 on my camera. I have tried to use a card reader but it shows no photos. I have tried downloading the photos to a memory stick and a dvd. These don´t work either.
I have taken it into a camera shop. They at first said it was bad memory but I took a photo and the photo was there in the memory. The camera reads the photos fine. They are all there on the camera but nothing else seems to read it. The camera shop were puzzled and didn´t have a clue.
Can you help me please as I don´t want to lose all my holiday photos.
Warm regards
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Oct 4, 2009 at 03:39 PM
I had the same problem, try this

my computer/manage/disk management/double click/properties/tools/error checking/check now

it worked for me kids
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Apr 2, 2009 at 09:06 AM
the sd card is damaged.
get another one. or if it is new, return it to where you bought it.
my brother said that it might just be my computer cause he put it in a laptop that has windows vista and it worked perfectly fine there