Main power of laptop is not getting ON

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Wednesday September 9, 2015
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September 9, 2015
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Hello sir.
I am using DELL INSPIRON 1545.
Today in afternoon I swiched off properly but in evening when I am trying to on my laptop it is nit working.
1. I tried all the instructions given by you to others but it is not working. Light blinks for 2 sec and again get off.
2. When firstly I tried to on laptop is taking the charger and light is on but after taking out the battery and for 2 to 3 steps it is not even showing the charger light too.

Please help me its very urgent.

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I have experienced two things when it comes to a Laptop: If the battery isolation fixes it, it wasn't really a problem. If the battery isolation doesn't fix it, it is a real problem.

If you are not prepared to read for hours about anti-static, and methods and such, take it to a qualified technician that can do what is needed! Maybe you have a warranty?