Cannot instal windiws 8

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Wednesday September 23, 2015
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September 23, 2015
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I want to instal windows 8 on my sony vaio bios version R2110Q3
I click assist tombol and f2 and choose boot external device,i plug my usb and F10, but when start always going to start windows
Please help how to instal using usb
Why after set on external device still going start menu

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OK, so boot it with the USB device already in. If it doesn't boot to it, then there may be a number of problems.

Check that you saved the bios settings, booting to USB.
Check: That your first boot up device is USB.
Check: Your USB stick is Bootable.

Make certain after you get your OS, get THE UPDATES BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE! Then after the updates, get back into bios and DO NOT BOOT TO USB FIRST! FAIR WARNING!

Have FUN!