Laptop keyboard messed up.

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Some keys are just simly not resonding 9% of the time.
For examle the number zero and the letter p.

Aswell as -, questionmark etc...

No idea what's wrong, lease hel...

- Sorry for grammar mistakes lol

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This frequent in laptops. It's caused by a faulty circuit which only a qualified technician can look into.

As in, the cable?

It could be crumbs! If you have canned air, turn it off, and blow it out! You will be surprised what kind of "dust bunnies" will form over time!
From all air vents you mean?
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From under the keyboard. There is room for many a crumb to fall!
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ou should not have to do anything, but unplug the power, and open the lid. DO NOT TAKE OUT SCREWS TO DO THIS!
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How do I open the lid without taking out the screws...
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The screen deployed to view a normal operation position.