Automate some of my daily Activity in Excel using Excel Macros

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Wednesday September 30, 2015
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September 30, 2015
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I am a Hyperion technology Person. Looking for Vbscript code/Excel Macro code to automate my daily job. Before Looking for help on this, I would like to know whether we can achieve this or not?
Please find details below and let me know is it okay to implement for automate?
1. I will open 3 Excels named A, B and Z
2. Excel A has 10 Sheets in it (Named A1, A2,...A10). Now go to work sheet A4, go to cell B70 and select data by pressing keys Ctrl + Shift + Down arrow + Right Arrow from Keyboard. Copy the selected portion to new Excel named Z.
3. Again in the same kind of process need to do with Excel B as well.
Note: All my 3 Excels are in different locations in D-drive.
Please let me know is there anyway we can automate it or not.
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What is a Hyperion Technology Person?

Try taking a look at this, and see if it helps.
I mean I am new to this VB Scripting
Thanks for providing quick start to my research.

Thanks and Regards,
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Not a problem, do you need an address to send the check to? You are being paid, right?