Create Acer factory default backup disc now [Solved/Closed]

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I bought an ACER netbook A0D150-1669 3days ago.
when I use internet I found that create Acer factory default backup disc now.
i just have a new one. is it big problem? what do I do ? ......return?
i need your recomend detail and best !!!

thank you!!
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Thank you
if something happen to ur OS, u can restore it back to original factory setting by pressing ALT+F10 after power on your netbook to enter acer recovery option. acer recovery will guide u!

Thank you, adie82 7

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Best advice!! Thank you!! Saved time and hassle!!
glad it help u!
if I were to make the recovery disc, then install a brand new blank hard drive, could I use the discs to reinstall windows 7?? please help.
No , even want to process system recovery also encounter problem . But enable log in window .
My computer will not accept the disc to create a default factory disc. Is it because the computer was used for a time prior to trying It keeps popping out.
Thank you
you should create ur default disc when u buy computer first time before using it.