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I have a dell laptop, im using windows vista, i used to get a green volume control bar that was onscreen, but its disappeared, i've tried the dell quickset, it says that the on screen volume control meter is enabled but it still doesnt show up on my screen. Can anyone help PLEASE.

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yea it goes away after a while and mostly only show up when you control the volume using the keyboard. so if u change the keyboard tat could be a issue. To check if this feature is on you can go to your control panel then go to your hardware then go in to the mouse settings.
Im not sure if you have already find a solution to your GREEN VOLUME BAR INDICATOR problem, but anyways the solution is the "LAUNCH MANAGER"

Resinstall or enable this function and your volumne indicator should pop out when you turn the volumne dial.

If you are using and ACER notebook, you can use the ACER eRecovery Maanagement, then select the "Reinstall applications/drivers", from here just follow it step by step, but be sure to select only the driver for the LAUNCH MANANGER to avoid accidentally reformating your system.

This is for ACER laptops!

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