External HD no longer works with computer

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I plugged my Western Digital external hard drive into my Playstation 3 and my Xbox 360 so I could stream my movies off of it. I went to plug it back into my computer, and now my computer no longer reads it :

Volume information for this disk cannot be found

Is there something I can do, some settings I can tweak somewhere where I can now use my external again on my computer. It still works with my 360 and PS3, just not my computer. I have about 17 GB worth of data on it ranging from pictures, movies and music and I really don't want to format my hard drive. If theres anything I can do to fix this PLEASE let me know. I'm on Windows Vista if you need that information.
System Configuration: Windows Vista
Firefox 3.0.3

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I had the same problem like many as you, Maxtor 3200 looked like it crashed, it wouldn't show up in My Computer anymore and it would freeze up any pc (tried 3 different ones) as soon as it got plugged in. Tried everything mentioned on this forum like changing drive letters and disabling in device manager, but nothing seemed to work.

Luckily I saw that my data wasn't lost, because when I plugged the external hard drive in a Macbook Pro, it showed up right away! And I could acces all the files and copy them without any problems!

But then I came across another forum with my solution but it was in Dutch.

What they say is let the drive be checked and repaired by chkdsk:
  • Go to START
  • Go to RUN
  • type in
    (command-prompt opens up)
  • type in
    chkdsk #: /R
    (where you should put drive letter in place of #)
  • Then it will start checking your drive, be patient here because it can take a long long time for this to finish. Also it looked to me in the beginning of the scan nothing was going on, but after a minute or 2 it sayed THE DRIVE FORMAT IS NTFS...or something like that and from then it starts scanning for a long time. Took me about 4 hours to check the total drive! But in the end it worked again properly!!

Hope this works for more of you with the same problem as me. BTW dont know how this works when you have no clue what the drive letter is, I was lucky to see this still in my disk manager.
Thank you this save my family pictures. Again many thnx
Thank you for your help much appreciated you saved me £80
Thank you Ovide
I had the very same problem; and also I used my MacBook to see if my data still exists!
It's strange how OSX can recognize the volume so fast and simple but Windows won't...
Anyway never thought of CHKDSK 'cause I was so stressful :D

It is still checking now but I know it will be fixed!

Thank you again
Thanks Ovide....

It helped me... As you said it took around 4 hours..... Thanks again..... you saved plenty of mine...