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Hello, I cannot send my hotmail emails. It keep asking for my password. I've used EVERY one that it could possibly be, but still can not send email. How can I reset my password?

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OK, but you can get them? Are you using a mail client, or a web browser?
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Ac3mark. Thank you for your response. I guess I should have explained that I'm somewhat of a novice. I barely understand your answer.mmyes, I can get mail. The problem is that it keeps asking for a password when I try to send an email which has been put into "outbox." I finally turned off the Mac, turned it back on and googled and clicked on "sign in." Up popes the site and asked for my password. I entered what I thought was my password, and BAM, up came my email but in Outlook (?). I don't blame you if you don't want to reply. Thanks for trying. P
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If you are using OUTLOOK, you must get the SMTP setting from your ISP, and configure your outlook to connect with those settings. IF you are using a web browser (the same program you are using to get to this forum if you are not using an app), then you have already set up the account, and need to recover a lost password. It sounds like you are using a CLIENT (IE OUTLOOK).

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