Cannot attach files to my Hotmail after that outlook switch

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I've tried everything. People give solutions that make no sense to me like delete Silverlight from you applications. Well, I don't have Silverlight. I don't understand why those assumptions are made in the first place. What can I do to fix this? Or is there a way I can go back to using the old hotmail where attachments worked with no problem?

Thank you!

System Configuration: Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.11) / Safari 4.1.3

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Hi ohlisa,

I had the same problem and after googling this question, I stumbled onto your question.

After trying different things, it seems to work for me when I click and drag the folders on my desktop and dropping them into the email. The drop isn't anywhere specific, I just plop them anywhere in the white box section where you type your email. I hope this works for you too.
This was very helpful!
Thank you for this solution!