How can I downgrade my HP dv5-1225ee laptop?

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I need to downgrade my hp laptop (dv5-1225ee) into XP; coz I don't need Vista. Can someone please tell me what is the procedure? I have also contacted HP TotalCare, but at no avail. Finally they said, use Vista.

None of the procedures mentioned in different forums regarding this issue worked for me.

Looking forward to your reply.


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Hi, I don't know if anyone has told you yet, but the problem is normally with the SATA drivers needed that Windows XP doesn't have. You will need an external FDD, then you must find out which chipset you have on your motherboard, once you have done this you can then find the SATA drivers and place them on floppy.
During the Windows XP setup press F6 when asked to install SATA or RAID drivers and choose the drivers from the floppy so that the XP setup program can see the HDD.
Don't ever go to HP they don't support Xp at all and will almost hang up on you.
No they won't hang up on you. they assisted me with almost all the drivers except driver for LAN. He should just for XP for HP laptops. it runing on my hp dv6880se with other operating system or alternatively He should install VirtualBox, it's free. then install any xp on it.
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you need to go to the BIOS setup and change disk setup from ACPI to IDE, then you will be able to install XP.
try this link to get the drivers you will need after you format the computer:
Thank you for your response.

But there is no option as such in my BIOS to change my BIOS settings for my SATA HDD.
my name is Harry. I have an Hp dv6880se with Vista, Xp and ubuntu, 3gig ram, 250gig. You can downgrade easily. first reformat with your xp not just any xp. there's an xp that usually come with HP laptops cos just any xp won't work. install Xp first before installing vista. if it ask you if wish to upgrade, select new installation. at the completion of installation, the 2 OS will dual boot. but i hope, you have the basic idea of hard-disk partitioning cos i didn't go into details of how you can do all that. if you have problems, mail me at