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I did this on an I-pad by accident -- thought I was in junk file instead I was in "all mail" box and hit delete all ---- I would like to get the emails back if possible some are family rememberece of deaths -- please help me try get these back

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If you've deleted an email message unintentionally, go through with following tips..

Recover Email Messages

Shake your iPad from side to side to immediately recover an email message after deleting it. Otherwise, after you delete a message in the Mail app, it remains in the Trash folder for a period of time. To recover these email messages, launch the Mail app, tap the account containing the message you want to recover, and then tap that account's "Trash" folder. Tap the folder-shaped icon within the Trash, and then drag the message to another location to recover it.

Restore From Backup

If you've previously backed up your iPad using iTunes, you can recover messages and other data using the iTunes backup restoration process. To do this, connect your iPad to your computer, launch iTunes on the computer if it does not launch automatically, click "File" on the main menu in iTunes, select "Devices," click "Restore from Back Up," select your backup, and then click "OK."

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Thank you for the tips ----- I'm trying to retrieve over 350 emails -- when I pushed "delete all" it deleted all emails in all categories there might have been up to 500 + emails deleted ----- is there a way to contact Google g,mail to see if they can retrieve it before it is lost forever ------ any info would be greatly appreciated ---- I'm not quite a computer whizz --- but welcome any suggestions
Thank you in advance for your knowledge and sharing it
It just happened again in the IN Box ---- I was deleting one item and all of the messages disappeared ----- whT is causing this to happen on my iPad