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 RayH -
Hello, I am trying to built a multiple If condition. I want excel to search for 2 words in an array "Lose" and "Tie". If it finds "Lose" then i want result "Lose". If it finds "lose and tie" then results again "Lose". If it finds ONLY "tie" then result is "tie". If it finds none then result "win".
Till now I have only produced a formula which finds only "Lose" and if it detects it
returns"Lose" if not returns "Win". Tie is what droubles me.
G2 cell contains the word Lose.
Thanks in advance.

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Here is a multiple IF statement.
It may not do EXACTLY what you are intending but it may help you put together that works for you.


It does not use the A2 cell. I didn't know what was in there.