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I have an Intel core I7pro Windows 7 64 bit lenovo laptop. Next to my audio icon there is a red x. when trouble shooting it says that a device for the driver can not be found. I tried re-downloading the audio files, but the download cannot complete due to being unable to find a device. On rare occasions when I start my laptop, the sound will work fine. I don't know what to do to solve my audio problems so it works all the time. Please help

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You said you tried to download files, do you mean the audio card driver?
Conexant Audio Software

I tried downloading this software. I am not sure if its the audio card driver or not.
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If, the hardware see the device in BIOS, then WINDOWS 7 (as long as the device is windows 7 certified) will load it in, as long as you have an internet connection to get the latest! It sounds like you have an internet connection. So, go to hardware manager, and see if there are any devices with a YELLOW TRIANGLE next to it. If so, tell the OS to fix it. Windows 7 was pretty good at fixing if YOU ARE PATIENT ENOUGH TO ALLOW IT (sometimes I would have to wait for 45 minutes for it to search online libraries of updates!). Try these things with all of that in mind!
Hardware manager? if its the same as device manager there is no yellow triangles.
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Yes, same thing. Then your Operating System doesn't even see the hardware.
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In device manager I don't even have anything named Audio, Controllers or anything like that.
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Well, if the software does not have any hardware, that would explain why the drivers aren't loading! Reboot, and look again. If you have the same indication after reboot, then your hardware is fried!