Desktop taskbar is missing [Closed]

 TashaMinVA -

My desktop taskbar is missing when i click on my icons they wont open. I have tried alt+ctrl+delete and nothing happens. Some of my icons where off screen to the left this happens everytime my daughter plays sims 3. I need help.

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OK, it will be ok. Restart the laptop. Does that help?

Or, you can get into the control panel, and make changes to the display resolution. Restart would be easier!
Windows 7
I have restarted my computer and my taskbar is still missing. I cant get into my control panel.
It seems that when i open a window or program they open to the left hand side of the screen where you can see them.
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So, if you press the windows key, what happens?

What O/S? Press the windows key, and type "Control Panel". Does it start the control panel?
When I press the windows key nothing happens and it will not let me type anything.
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Again what os please?
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Windows 7

So, if you were to press [Windows Key]+X (SAME TIME), what happens then?
When i press windows + x at the same time i heard 2 dings but no windows pop up

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