Connecting dell laptop audio to samsung tv

 Raj -
I am trying to connect my Dell laptop to my Samsung tv.
I got the image to transfer through just fine but not the audio.
I have a stereo audio cable plugged in my headphone on my laptop and
the red and white cable in the tv, I tried all the possible outlet but still no sound.
But when I plug it in the single audio output on the tv the sound goes through.. but
its very quiet and the cable does not stay in the output.

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I figured out how to get audio from my laptop to my Samsung TV. When you look on the back of your TV set, you'll see on the top of all the cable outlets the letters PC. You'll see where you plug in the visual cable (rectangle with small dots inside) and right beside it is one black hole. Buy a cable that has two black male ends (looks like the end to a headset). Plug that into the audio beside the visual outlet. This means you DO NOT use the red and white end cables that are usually associated with audio. The plugs for visual and audio are side by side under the PC heading. Hopefully that makes sense to you and it works for you too.
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Thanks Aranel, I had the similar problem and it worked good.
I got two black male ends and connected one end to my Laptop Audio out(Head phones jack) and the other end to My Samsung LCD 32'' TV( plug in to a hole which says TV/PC Audio in, which is beside VGA Connector in Your TV)
Thank you! I would NEVER have figured this out by myself!!!!
.....thank you so so so much for your advice aranel....worked like a charm in 2013 between old school equipment: samsung series 5 LCD TV, fujitsu N6410 lifebook series n targus universal docking station......
I Had the same problem, and if you look on the back of the tv theres a headphone size audio plug right beside the VGA plug meant for PC audio, it's really silly but that port is the only port that PC audio will work on.
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check the volume level in the computer, check if is muted.
if you plug the red/white jack, you should switch your television in the Line mode.