Wipe hard disk, then re-install Windows XP

Ivan - Apr 26, 2009 at 01:52 PM
 tommy - Aug 1, 2009 at 07:20 AM

My computer is full of viruses, and I can't do anything on it anymore. So I used DBAN to wipe all of my hard disks. I don't have a Windows XP Setup Disk, but I created one from a computer that has Windows XP. How can I setup Windows XP?

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Apr 27, 2009 at 09:08 AM
you cannot setup windows using that CD.
you will need the Installation CD.
buy it from a Microsoft certified reseller.
just install your Home Edition on C:
If you have to format first just follow the XP Install dialog, it will ask you what to format and where to install XP.
Afterwords just use a pationer programm such as Powerquest Partition Magic,or "Hard disc low level format tool"(free) and sreate an additional partition at the end of your disk.
In the size of quite your XP install directory (C:), and get some Backup Software, such as "DFIncBackup Professional" or s.t.else to create a backup of your operatio system inc. all installed programmes and all folders (compl. drive C:), to just backup (copy back) the last working state of your system back to C:, and nevermore have to reinstall all your programms ans Windows.
If some trial software expires (after 30 days or so), yust un-and reinstall the expired prog.(but keep the Backup image, and use it for the next 30 days.
Maybe you visit some "Serials" websides or check "www.gamescopyworcomld.com" for some links leading to "Serial" offering sites.
Good luck and have fun...............
I have Win XP Pro installation cd's Dell pc's only for $75 in you are still in need of the disk.
I have a used Dell 2650 inspiron that was working fine until this morning. It now keeps trying to reboot and flashing "Ntdetect failed" and then restarts. It came with Windows XP pro but of course since we bought it used I do not have the disk for it. I do have a disk for Windows XP Home. Can I install XP Home over the XP Pro? If not any idea what I can do?