How can i perfectly remove quick heal total security 2015 ?

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Hello, i want to install quick heal antivirus pro 2016 trial version and whenever i do that it says u already have installed trial version and now do u wanna quit the installation or u wanna purchase it ?
now the matter is i wan't to remove quick heal total security 2015 and install quick heal 2016 antivirus pro .

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Go here:
This is a tool they made!
It would be of great help if i didn't checked that oit before but i already used it but that too doesn't seems to work at all
Thnxx anyway
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Oh, you failed to mention you had tried that.

So, Click on the icon in the task bar, and shut it down, if you can!

If can't from there, you may have to shut it down in services. Have fun with that (let me know if you need help with that)!

After you have shut it down, the press [windows key], and type "uninstall".

Click on <programs and features>. Select the program you wish to uninstall from there. If it errors out, good luck. Then you may have to go back to a time, and recover from a period before the complete installation! After you recover, run all updates before you go and install the new version.

I would be cautionary about the new one as you saw what it takes to get the old version out, with it looks like no support from the makers of the software!