Windows error and then nothing...

 johnny -
I hope you can help me. My system was stalled in a Windows has recovered from a serious error message and did a memory dump.

When I try to restart it....sometimes it will not. I see the EMachines screen...try to boot it in any mode,...Safe Mode, regular, restart it with the last good config...then I hit enter and nothing happens.

Thank you for assistance...


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hi, this is prasad,

in my system services are stoped and iam not able to start, iam not able to install or copy past anything plz tell me the solution.

okay, for both of you guys, go download Ubuntu Linux for your pc.
When the download finishes, follow these steps.
1)burn Ubuntu Linux to a CD-R or DVD-R
2)Insert the new Ubuntu CD into your PC.
3)The Start-up screen will ask you several options, select the first one (run or install Linux)
4)This will boot the Ubuntu OS from CD.
5)Give it time to load up.
6)From here, this will take you to a desktop setting, select the file tab-Locations, on the top left hand corner of the PC.
7)Insert a Flash Drive, Jump Drive, Thumb Drive, whatever you call it.
8)-Go through the hard drive (default is local disk c) and select all of the important items, song's, pictures, whatever you want saved, and transfer all of them to the flash drive, jump drive, thumb drive, whatever.
9)Re-Install your copy of Windows, and call it a day.
10)After you finish reformatting your pc, load the external drive (portable drive, whatever) and place all of your documents, pictures, song's, or whatever you saved, back onto your pc using the new OS.
Problem solved.
If you have any questions, then email me