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How do I show multiple MSN/Hotmail accounts? How do I add Yahoo email accounts and Gmail accounts? Is there a way to get all of these directed to one email account and be able to switch from one to another? I cannot even get all my MSN/Hotmail accounts to show on same page.
Why is the email account apparently excluded from the Windows 10 service? I need multiple accounts for business, family, friends etc.

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Jul 27, 2016 at 08:27 PM
Add them to what?

It is more than likely against the terms of usage for you to have more than one account, on any one service.

Now, I have multiple accounts, but I never wish to have the two displayed together, as the things I do on my personal account, I WOULD GET FIRED FOR on my work account! My work frowns on coupons and such! LOL!

With all of this said, why would want to mix the two? You would be asking for trouble, and then writing about how when it does happen, that an interface posted something to your work, and it was a bug in the software, but really you had that account selected when you wrote the email!?!

Make sense!

I have an idea, you could write code, and see how many people will give you the credentials to manage all of these sites and logins and passwords, as the service would need to have federated logins, or you give them the creds! HMM! Sounds like a huge security problem!

Let me know what you think!

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