Macro for looping charting data keyed from two columns

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Hello and thank you anyone for reading this.

I have a quandary that is beyond my VB skills and am looking for any help possible. I need to find a value in one column, once it's found jump to another column in the same row and start looking for a second value in column two. Once the second value is found, chart the value from a third column in the same row as the second value. I need to continue charting the values in column 3 based on the second value until another instance of the value in column one is found again.

Search "A1:A3000" for "X"
"X" is found at "A29"
Start at "B29" and search for "Y" from "B29:B3000"
After "Y" is found indicating the beginning of a data set at "B35", search for "Z" in the same column from "B35"
When "Z" is found at "B41, B43, B45" etc...
Chart "C41, C43, C45" etc...
When "Y" is found again at "B88" start new search looking for "Z" from "B88"
"Z" is found again at "B98,B100,B102" etc...
Start new chart "C98,C100,C102" ETC...
These charts need to be numbered according to the instances of "X" found in column A. So all charts created should be numbered "1" or "1A, 1B, 1C" something like that until X is found again in column A.

"X" is found again at "A350" Start Chart series 2
Search again for "Y" from "B350:B3000"
and repeat the entire process again until there are no more instances of "X" in column A

This has been killing me, please any assistance would be appreciated.

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Sep 9, 2016 at 05:12 PM
Programatically creating charts in excel is BEYOND the scope of this forum. we cannot provide you with a trunkey solution such as these. If you post some code, we can help, be we cannot perform this task for you. Once again, we can help if yuo are stuck and getting errors, but we are not going to deploy a solution.


It is more times than not, that we spend time writing up a solutiion, and it NEVER comes out to be what the person wanted, because they failed to mention it only needed to happen on a blue moon, (or some other obscure details they fail to mention). We then have to scrap our work, and start over.

Post you code, and we can help.

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Sep 12, 2016 at 12:36 PM
Hello sir,

I understand your answer completely and thank you for being forthcoming. I am by no means asking for someone to do my work and perhaps I should have been more clear and detailed.

I am at a loss with my issue as to even the logic let alone the syntax. I was hoping to start from a 10000 foot view and open a discussion on the construct of such code. Then taking anyone's advice, write code using said advice.

My apologies.
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Sep 12, 2016 at 04:54 PM
We can wire frame solutions, no problem. Do you have a dead end on something?