Unable to print from laptop to PC

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I am unable to print from my asus laptop loaded with vista home premium to my pc loaded with Windows XP, the pc is connected to the internet via modem and wireless router, the internet connection on the laptop is fine but everytime I try to print to the HP printer connected to the PC it comes up as an error, can anyone help? I have checked all connections and loaded all available drivers etc but nothing seems to work.

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Are you in a network right now? if this is the case you should try to see if this is not a problem linked with the rights that you have to print though the network. else i would encourage you to remove the driver and install it again. if this is not working, then try to get help from the printer's support center, and specify that you are using a wireless router for this.
Thanks for your reply, I've tried those ways but nothing seems to work right now, I'll keep on trying.