Im in desprite help of making my speakers wor

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Hello,my name is ken i really neeed help with my speakers.I went to my control panel and try to adjust my sound,but it is like its froze so that i can't make any changes can u please help me iv'e been without sound for ova a month or two.

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Have a look in Device Manager under 'Sound, Video and game controllers' to see if there's any yellow mark beside the device.

If so you could try reinstalling the driver by right-clicking on it and selecting 'uninstall'.
When you restart your computer the driver should be reinstalled automatically. If that doesn't work you could try choosing 'Update the driver' instead.

It's not just a case of you having accidentally muted the sound is it?
You may have done it via a hot key combination. On my Acer pressing the keys Fn + F8 together will enable or disable (mute) the speakers. You may have a different key combination, or do you have a speaker logo in your tray? You should be able to check if it's muted by right clicking on it.