Launchpad Sound From Computer instead of HDMI TV

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 _Galaxy_ - Jan 17, 2017 at 05:44 PM
Ok, so I have a new launchpad that I just got for Christmas. I also got a new TV with HDMI, and it used to play the sound from the launchpad on the TV. I went to a friend's house with a different monitor with a PC cable and had to use speakers. When I came back to the HDMI TV the sound from the launchpad started coming out of the laptop's speakers, and it has been like that and bothering me ever since. I even tried all of the other HDMI ports, but the sound still comes out of the laptop even when connected to the TV. All other sounds come out of the TV, but it's just the launchpad sound that plays from the TV. If you need to know what kind of computer I have it's a 2013 Toshiba. I don't really know the specs other than it's marked potato :P

Please help me with this problem it's really bugging the hell outta me. Thanks in advance.

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Neverming it's fixed