Belkin Wireless G Network Adapter on XP Home

Zeigwolf - May 13, 2009 at 03:21 PM
 Goku - Jul 1, 2014 at 11:33 PM
I cannot seem to get my belkin wireless adapter to work on windows xp home edition. I've installed the software for it, plugged it in, but my computer fails to recognize it... it keeps asking to install the software for it. what am I missing here?

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I agree. The manufacturer drivers at least make it functional. I bought a Belkin wireless/wired router and Wireless G adapters a week ago and here are several things I've learned one of which might answer your question and some other issues that might pop up:

The drivers that come with the adapters do not work either at times. The reason being precisely that Windows XP Professional doesn't recognize the drivers even though they're installed as mentioned in a previous post, essentially breaking it. I've installed, deleted, and reinstalled both internet and manufacturer drivers, but is futile because of Windows.

A possible solution to this is to setup the router first, install the software on the router that came in the box, then start setting up the adapters. I did it in precisely that order and at least got my network up and running smoothly after several hours.

Until I decided to add WEP encryption. Do not configure it windows XP utility, because if you want to change your passphrase to something different, it will not let you. It will permanently lock you out of your network if you do so. Don't ask me how but I tried changing it and it would not save my changes at all. When you get it setup, leave WCZ alone.

On the brief period I could get wireless working on another PC, I was unable to switch networks, and it would automatically connect to a poor signalled one instead. Turns out, you have to enable WCZ by going to start, Run, typing in %SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s , starting WCZ up, switch networks by Windows, disable it again, then use Belkin Utility software to set it as the default software for managing your wireless network. Why did I have to do this? The Belkin router utility software that came in the box did not allow me to exclusively use Windows, because it wouldn't save my changes. Eventually this problem was solved and got the network up.

Many, many problems await. For what it's worth, under no circumstances should anything be this difficult with such little support available. I hope this helps.

Also, my wireless network is broken due to the failed security implementation. I'll try what I suggested and post the results shortly.
I have lost my installation disk and unfortunately/stupidly uninstalled my belkin driver last week, does this mean I can no longer get the software from anywhere in order for my wireless adapter to work?

any help would be greately appreciated!!
bootsak47 > Tom Mc
Mar 17, 2010 at 04:11 AM
Yes you can go on the web! Someone else's comp. download the software for the model u have,fcc settings etc...Run the prog! I on win7 Ultimate 32, and works fine for now, it only installed the drivers, not the utility like on xp!This one just g though and works good always at 54mbps on win7, xp fluctuated all the time!I'm goining to get wifi-n from Tiger Direct for $20, better range and faster downloads!
did exactly the same as u and yes I got windows7 as wel ........... it recognises the device but dont show me any wireless networks available where as at the same time my laptop shows and connects fine.
i have the disk i'll give you the iso if you want?
heres link ->
i recommend you mount it with poweriso or by some other means.
can u upload it once more they have removed it. is it v1?
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Jun 27, 2009 at 10:00 AM
You will need the exact wifi lan driver for your machine! Then when you install it.. it will discover the wireless network in range! Please note that if the wireless connection is secured you will need to type in the WEP securitu key!
Belkin software downloaded from the internet is crap - doesn't install the driver. I've seen this before with other manufacturers. You'll have to find an original install disk to get the driver installed properly.

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i did exactly the same as u and yes I got windows7 as wel ........... it recognises the device but dont show me any wireless networks available where as at the same time my laptop shows and connects fine.