Seagate 1 tb hdd not working properly

 venkat -

this is venkat,
i have a seagate 1tb hdd suddenly its not working , i try to format it,i can't then i do partition it,1st 200gb 431gb 300gb . first 200gb can't to used (unallocated) can use remaining storage but now whenever i copy file or video not responding.
pls suggest me to solve this problem

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How long have you had the drive?
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How long have you used this hard drive? Is it still healthy? Just starts computer CHKDSK to see whether this software gets too many bad sectors or physical damages or not.
If it is really corrupted seriously, perhaps it is the time to replace it with a new one.
hello nonber0
thanks for replaying me,i check that with chkdsk command the remaining space can checked but the problem is in the first 200gb i try to format it through disk manager it will take a long time, that problem i can accept it but remaining space i can't use normally ,
whenever i user this hdd few mins is say not responding, this is my big problem now a day