USB HDD's are not recognised on new computer

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My USB HDD's are not recognized on new laptop although they work well on my other laptop and PC. This is true for both mains powered and USB powered hard disk drives. The external drives do not appear in Device Manager (Windows 8.1) but a sound is made by the PC when a connection is made. Note USB flash drives work on all ports.
What should I do to rectify the problem?

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Aug 30, 2016 at 07:38 PM
Sounds like a drive letter is not being assigned to your external HDD.

Try this;

> go to disk management
> locate your external HDD
> check to see if your external HDD was assigned a drive letter, if not
> right click on your external HDD
> click change drive letter and Paths
> click add
> select your desired letter
> click ok and exit out.

Hope this helps you.