Gain access to my Gmail account immediately

1newoods - Updated on Mar 26, 2017 at 04:51 AM
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Pls help me for six months I have tried to access my Gmail account. I have submitted every password and answered every question. I no longer have the phone linked to this account. I need Google drive to get court documents as well as a 10 chapter book. I keep receiving the same information and no real solution I have had my Google account since 2009. All of my information important documents 5000 pics I need access to. My account is ***@*** my account recovery be email will be ***@*** the original recovery email I no longer have access to. I have tried everything possible to gain access and I keep getting the same screen ...Google can't verify the account belong to you. I need real life assistance and if it cost money just say so. I need access to my life. If I receive the same email again saying how sorry Google is that I can't gain access. I will be looking into taking this a step further. Google cannot have my life information and won't release to me?!?!? I will take matters to court. My whole entire life has been backed up to my Gmail account. I do not take this matter likely. I have not had access to my account since October 2016. What type of fraud company is this. Lock a person out of their account and Google has access to all of my personal information. Birth certs ssn court documents. Nope Google needs to assist me. I have waited and played along now it's effecting my lively hood.

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Mar 26, 2017 at 04:51 AM

You will never have succeed in court, read the terms of use!

Keeping documents on Google is a very bad idea and frivolous!

Unfortunately, if, when you created the account, you have not registered a secret question which you remember, or an alternate recovery email address or phone number to which you have access to receive a reset code, you cannot prove that you are the account's legitimate owner. Hence account recovery is absolutely impossible and there is no way around it.

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