System security 2009 virus

josh - May 18, 2009 at 02:29 PM
 elwa757 - Apr 25, 2011 at 02:00 AM
i have the system security2009 virus on my pc. how can i remove it? it wont let access my anti-virus program or even the task manager.

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Folks- Here is a workable trick - for many of you that cannot BOOT in SAFE MODE and the virus prevents you from loading anything. BUT, you are ALLOWED to load up Windows Explorer. Go to the Documents Settings directory, and unhide the Applications folder. You will one folder with the 16332345 (or any numeric type of folder). You CANNOT delete them cause it's still in use. BUT what you can do is "MOVE" the folder to a diferent folder other than the Documents Settings older - say 1 folder (or make up anything). Move the entire numeric (which has the virus file) to another folder. So the next time you re-boot the computer, the virus does not get loaded up. This way you can run the necessary virus removals or even load the browser to download the removal programs.

Hope this helps!
Thank you - Your suggestion worked beautifully. Glad to be rid of this sucker, what a pain
how do you get to document settings
I am sure I have this virus in my home computer, and I tried your tip but it also wont allow me to open Windows Explorer.
I can search Files and folders, but can't identify the specific folder I need to find and then relocate.

Any advice?

Oh this worked! Thank you so very much for posting this!!!
youre a savior

All I ask is that you contact me to let me know it worked.

I had this also ( red and blue warning screen, not allowing any programs to open, stupid pop ups, and not allowing safe mode) and got tired of the "EXPERTS" saying to run programs THAT ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RUN and to go into SAFE MODE. Apparently this nasty virus even stops safe mode. Then the experts say I should get a thumb drive and open a program ( their favorite choice program) that will then solve the problem DUH!!! It does not allow you to open a program, from the hard drive or a thumb drive!!!!!!

Here is what I tried and it worked. As the computer is booting up keep trying alt, ctrl, delete, over and over. It will then let you get in to task manager. Now hurry and go to processes. ( if you don't hurry it will close task manager on you) Chances are the virus will be the one that is cranking away. Hit end process. Now I know this is scary, but what do you have to lose. The damn thing isn't working anyways.

Now you can turn the tables on the stupid CORRUPT individuals who created this.

Go to the icon (Yellow and Black System Security) that they put on your desktop and right click properties. Then go to target location. DO NOT open up but rather write down the file path. Mine was " Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\13540314\13540314.exe

Now go to My computer and then to C: Drive and then follow the path you wrote down. STOP at the Folder. I know you may want to see the bugger .exe that caused so much trouble, but don't. I didn't and it worked out. For me I then deleted folder 13540314 and then went to the recycle bin and emptied it.

Now I went back to the scene of the crime and removed the rougue programs that may have caused the intrusion. I did this by going to my computer , programs folder and then went up to view and then chose details, then I clicked on "date modified" header twice. Now I had a great look of the programs that were created in the time frame that the virus started. I got rid of them all. I could always bring them back if I need to do so. I then went to recycle bin and emptied it.

Finally I reset the windows firewall. Start button , settings, control panel, scroll to bottom and windows firewall is there, open it and turn on the firewall if it is not already.

THANK GOD!!!!!!, I now back to working again.

I will now back up essentials and look into good virus control programs.

I hope this works for you too!

The easiest one that I found helpful was to start in safe mode (F8) when booting up, and did a search for the title "system security" in the whole c: drive including the hidden files. Then once I found it, I right clicked on it and found the number at the end(each infected pc has a different one) and then did a pc search again under that number, brought up the files and deleted them. Then I restarted and that was it, it's gone. I didn't have to do a restore or anything. It wouldn't let me if I had tried.

thanks for the tips!
Big thanks to all who posted here, my compta, just went tits up 20mins ago. i did the search thing for the numbered file, and hey presto, there it was, i deleted it when i was in safe mode and run msconfig and un checked the box with the numered file, just running avg to give it a check over...
Many thanksi

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System Security is Malware. It is fairly easy to remove....if running xp boot in safe mode (hold down F8 key). Open regedit then HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Sysbtray....Delete this. Repeat as above as far as Run\ ...then 17596714...Delete this
Repeat above as far as CurrentVersion\...then Explorer\SystemSecurity\Order........Delete this.

Job done!
finally! i was able to get rid of this bug after a bit of searching on this site and had some great ideas. Symptoms were...

could not launch task mgr with CAD, or using run from the start menu.
rebooted pc numerous times and tried to close program in taks mgr, but was unable to close it before virus took over.
could not launch internet explorer or firefox
could not install malware

one idea did the trick and i do not remember who posted it, but it worked for me. i opened up the applications file and saw the weird numerical file name ex. 123456789 and created a new folder and moved it in there. i rebooted and my regular desktop loaded up, so i guess the virus could not load since the file location had been changed. once this was done, i was able to install the malware programe and remove it.

hope this works for everyone, good luck out there.
I'm starting to see the light. :-) After reading alot of threads for many hours. I seen one that helped a bit. I went and made a seach for all .dll and all .exe in my search bar and deleted everything that looked suspiscious. I had made the research by date­. After I restarted, I went and opened the run command and wrote msconfig. It was still asking me for what program I want to use and I had a little program that I had on my desktop called xpfileassoc.txt.bat I said that I want to use that program and it went through my dos and cleared the dam virus. Now i'm able to install programs so I'm installing an antimalware to make sure that its really gone.

98% is back up. thanks for all post. It helped alot.


For those of you who says: I cant open Task Manager, I cant open any Anti-virus, I cant open any Anti Malware(ex:Malwarebytes), I cant open ANY EXE.FILES!!!(because the virus blocks it ALL).

Then i have a simple yet effective trick:

if you rename the file then SYSTEM SECURITY will not be able to block it. which is good for you to activate the ANTI-etc.

The only problem is that you wont be able to open the task manager because you cant rename it. So my suggestion is to download: procexp from
it is a free software that acts as a task manager; but the difference is that it is BETTER coz it shows even the hidden process (and it's also user friendly)

if you have it, kill the thing that looks like a shield(SYSTEM SECURITY) then the rest of the instructions are free for you too find.
hope this helps... ganbatte kudosai
Hey, i think that will work for me, but....

For firefox, how do i change the file? u say to rename the file, but what part and can you give me an exampple?
i have all your problem but you can fix if your are quick
when you start your computeur you 5 second to press ctrl alt delete , after prosses and delete all program with a number like 1089524 or something like this you have to be quick
this work for me
Hey guys, i joust found out how to solive that problem. You have the shortcut of System Security 2009 on your desktop. Just right click and go to properties, you'll get the path and you'll get the folder number also and its location. Click on button find target, you'll go directly to the to file. I found two files over there, i was able to delete one only, the other one cudnt be deleted. Then i was able to access task manager and stop the file.exe. N i installed malwarebytes to perform a full scan.
Thank you so much for the advice provided! I was going absolutely mad!
I went onto safe mode and then serached for all .exe files. Sure enough that wretched system security came was a numerical name and had that shield. I deleted it from the system and then did that system config..i disabled the file from opening when the computer starts.

Hopefully that helps!
I have search through the website for manual removal of System Security 2009, and it is the results:

Kill the following Process in Task Manager

Delete the following Registry in Regedit
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "00308937"

Remove the following Folders and Files
%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\System Security
%All Users%\Application Data\00308937
%UserProfile%\Desktop\System Security 2009.lnk
%programs%\system security

There is another alternative too:
Go to Google and search "Remove Fake Antivirus", this program can remove most of the latest fake antivirus including System Security 2009.
If I'll ever find anyone who's making all theese viruses I'm going to kill him...
Anyway I also have theese problems, going to try out theese things you told here, if it works then probably gonna say a big thanks to everyone here.
Hey guyz... Finally i cut the crap out.. System Security 2009 antispyware is a fake spyware. Here's how i did.... I restarted my computer and pressed F8 to activate Safe Mode. At the My Computer, click your local drive " C://" Documents and Settings, All Users, and Application Data.. Try to search for number.exe, for example 15159214.exe or the icon with the shield thing color yellow with stripped black. Erase everything and kill that freakin Virus. Empty your recycle Bin to be sure and click start then search. At the search application,try to search at the local drive and search the file name with NUMBER.exe, eX: 15159214.exe and erase everything.. it will work 100%... Im Engr. Frinze Delis
got the virus and here is how i defeated it...what a pain. Hope the #%$@ that started rots in hell!
1) Start in safe will likely have to hit numlock quickly then F8
2) Do a restore as close to the date of infection, but before the problem occured.
3) DL AVAST 4.8 it's free and very good
4) Bye Bye virus....hey the world is round and charma has a way of coming personal favorite: the punk that wrote the code get's T-boned by a bus while walking across the street...that always puts a smile on my face.
when trying to get rid of a virus the very 1st thing you need to do is.
1.turn off your sys restor .
2.restart your pc in safe mode this can be done buy hitting the f8 key at reboot of start up!
3. make sure you have a good malware program like malware b. run this in safe mode with networking and yes you can update all your programs in this mode.
PS.If you cant turn off your sys restor dont worry about it you can still remove the virus fallowing thes simple steps
my pc wont go into safe mode, how to enter into it
Somehow the virus got on a computer I was using at work so, as you can understand, it's pretty important that I get it off of here ASAP... my director was already like "Did you click something you weren't supposed to?"

Anyway, I can't start in safemode. Every time I try to the virus overrides it and it starts in regular mode anyway. I can't use task manager (task manager has been disabled by your administrator.) I can hardly even go to the start bar because the computer keeps freezing. I've tried literally every suggestion on here and it doesn't work for my computer. This computer is really important so I need to get this figured out... someone please help me!
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If you have the System Security 2009, you need not to have access to the registry editor.

Please follow the instructions in the link below to remove the virus:

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