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 sam -
Hi everyone.

Well, recently I was hit by a random popup named "Malware Doctor". Knowing smart enough NOT to download it, I just exited and continued with my business.
But NOW every time I restart my computer, the ACTUAL program comes up and just 'scans' my computer. I've done A LOT of research and NOTHING seems to work. Please, please, please help me with this. Thankyou.

[Picture of what the virus looks like].

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Free Malware Doctor Removal Guide:

The above link will give you instructions on how to easily remove Malware Doctor. If it doesn't work, you can ask for assistance to remove it here:
Thank you

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Exact same thing i have only idk where i got it

plz help
Hello mattsoldier,
How are you?

I encountered this problem recently for a client and found it very tough to remove. I thought that I could use one scan of Malware Bytes to remove it.

This wan't enough though so I tried the microsoft scan

I also have started a super anti spyware scan. To use this program, the best thing is to download the full version with 14 day trial as the trial does a thorough job of removing most if not all problems.

I personally reccomend these sites and tools as they have performed for me well in the past.

-Jack ▼▲
Hugme, there is a difference between Malware DOCTOR and Malware DOC.
For one, malware doctor is a lot more annoying to remove and I've been trying to remove it for a while.
I tryed malwarebytes but that didn't work so i'm going to try the superanti software thing posted above.
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Automatic easy and free way to remove malware doctor
All the links that people will give you is useless. There is a solution out for MalwareDoc but NOT for Malware Doctor. I too have this annoying thing and by the sounds of it, its brand new. Right now Im following this site and seeing if it goes further.