I forget my imation 2gb pendrive pasword

 Vincenzo -
i forget my imation pendrive pasword in this pendrive my imprtent datda if this data is not in pendrive so my ceriar in the tention so pleas send me I m not a colifaid so in spelin mistec

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I haven't triend this but still I like to tell u that try to open the pendrive from command prompt.Drive letter:
if accessed then try Drive letter:tree then u can see the list of files and folders inside it and copy them to the destiny using copy command.
This is just for a try.
Thank you

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if you forgot your pen drive password. it won't be easy to access it!

Im not really good withe the command system. If you could tell a little more how to do it, that would be very very nice...

So far, I opened the command, managed to got into E: ... and thats all.