Not able to find Folder Lock in my computer

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I have been created a big trouble. I installed folder lock and put the folder in which it was installed in a different folder, which i locked using folder lock. Now i can't recover the folder as i am not able to find folder lock in my computer.
Somebody pleasssssse help me from this serious problem!!!!!

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Jun 9, 2017 at 07:43 PM
GOLLY! That is some important data! Why then use a FREE tool?

Have you contacted the support page of the company that has produced this LOCK?

Oh, I don't see a support page on their website, only a download tab, a mobile tab, and a company tab, unless you want to count all of the AWARDS they have won! Oh, the testimonials are amazing too, but still no support page.

I am not certain what we can do about their award winning software, and your issues! Perhaps you need to friend them on FaceBook, twitter, and every other site you can follow them on, and put them on blast!