Dual monitor shortcut key

 adamsaid -
what is the shortcut key to transfer the active window to the atteched another monitor, please rply itz really urgent...................
thnx in advance

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Windows key + Shift + Left key (or right key).
If you only have 2 monitors it won't matter though. If you have 3 or 4, then it will move the active window to the left (or right window).
Thank you

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Thank you
worked for me. thanks!
perfect thanks
With my pc, it is simple. Press and hold the "fn" key, then press "f4" This may cause your computer screen to blackout...just do it again to view it on both screens. Enjoy
do u have a laptop
Fn and f4 did it !! You saved me !!
what im looking for is a way to do the laptop fn+F4 on my desktop. my 2nd monitor is a TV so even when its off theres a signal going to it