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Hi, I have had this laptop hp650 for the past 5years and last week I found that the screen had turned pink from 1/2 inch below the upper edge of the screen. The remaining upper 1/2 inch portion stays normal in colour. I plugged it to a tv screen to see if it displays a normal color, as some have suggested, yes it did, while the laptop screen stays pink.
What would that mean, this is quite annoying. Please help.

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If the external does not change with the same result as the laptop screen, then the laptop screen has failed, and you need to continue to use the external display. If the external display also turns pink, then the video card has failed, and needs to be replaced.
Hi ac3mark, thanks for replying, very much appreciated. I didn't mention that there were also series of fine aqua vertical lines with a large portion of it grouped together to the right of the screen and some faded ones from center and towards the left.
However, from your suggestion, my best option is to replace the screen, isn't it?
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Mark may not return till Monday. If you have a good display on external monitor, then the laptop's screen needs to be repaired or replaced. Only the repair shop will be able to tell you, it could be the back lights or the inverter or the screen connections or the screen.

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I agree!